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Ebany Angel





I am currently living off grid, in a beautiful rainforest 2 hours south from the Gold Coast… which means I’ve cut my work life down dramatically to really enjoy the balance and freedom this lifestyle has to offer


I am currently working in coolangatta (sundays / mondays) in a private room within the beautiful MANTARO TATTOO STUDIO

  • I will no longer be doing re-works (fixing other artist’s tattoos), I’m happy to discuss if original tattoos have been lazered, I'm open to adding to other artists work if i feel the style compliments mine.

  • happy to discuss coverups, if I think it’ll be easy to tattoo a successful coverup, I’ll do it ;)

  • With that said, I can cover any tattoo (well, almost any) with a colour rose… and I’d be happy to do that for you, just ask!

  • No large ribs pieces, lower stomach or side waist areas please (unless its part of a huge ongoing piece) this is due to my ‘tennis elbow’ and the amount of pain it causes me stretching the skin in these areas… although i’m happy to discuss tattooing smaller pieces in these spots.


Before you make a tattoo enquiry please ensure you have read the following process clearly and you have all relevent information ready



My base rate is $200 per hr with my minimum rate being 1 hr, To obtain a quote, you must submit an enquiry

Please be patient when expecting a reply as i have limited internet access through the week... i usually reply within a few days at most these days... no more waiting months!



Please keep in mind that i only accept a job if i believe i can create something that we will both love... we need to be on the same page during your enquiry and both be confident that i am the right artist for you. If i happen to not take on your request, please don't get upset, it just means i feel that i wont be able to give you what you want... in this case, i will usually recommend you to one of my work colleagues, if i feel they are better suited.

please NO custom style script / lettering, sides of feet or fingers... I no longer tattoo script (i make small exceptions if i feel it would suit the design, however it would be in my handwriting or computer generated), i feel someone who specialises in lettering would be better suited for custom script pieces and will give you a much nicer tattoo... sides of fingers and sides of feet never heal nicely and usually always need constant touch ups, please google 'healed finger tattoos' before getting these parts tattooed by someone else, as it may change your mind about getting it

YES… I can cover scarring… it would depend on the type of scarring and how fresh or healed they are… generally we need to wait until all scarring has turned white… especially deep / surgical scars… you’re welcome to email me with any questions

All draw-ups are custom and i do not tattoo the same exact thing twice (unless a design is requested for a matching pair)... I work best when given creative freedom, i will take inspiration from your ideas and references and make them my own, just for you... If you are extremely picky and know that you will be fussy with your design concept, then i may not be the right artist for you... please keep this in mind before submitting your enquiry.... feel free to browse through my photo gallery to see my style, if you are unsure.

I will send you my design / draft the day prior to your booking, any minor changes can be made the night before or the morning of appointment ... complete re-draws may need to be rescheduled... face to face consults can be arranged in the weeks prior to appointment to iron out any concerns

Unfortunately i do not offer draw-ups without a secured booking.



a deposit / booking fee is required to secure a date, the deposit / booking fee is also NON REFUNDABLE, including any additional payments (lay buys). I recommend NOT lay buying your tattoo if there is a chance you may not be able to attend your appointment date.

deposit price is given to you with your quote and comes off the total price on the day

deposits are paid via bank transfer or in person at the studio (I do not have PayPal)… alternatively, invoices can be arranged for secure credit card / bank card payments online (via square), if the previous options don't suit you (credit card surcharge applies)



Full aftercare instructions will be given to you after your tattoo is completed and is also written in full detail in the 'Aftercare' tab above

natural organic hand made tattoo balms and serums are available for purchase at the studio if you wish, otherwise I also recommend coconut oil or a natural hand cream… to use during the healing process… if you are sent home wearing a special tattoo healing film / second skin, that stays on for 4-7 days and no aftercare balms are necessary



Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, although i do understand that some things happen out of our control. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so at your earliest convenience.

I am more than happy to reschedule your booking to another date, with a minimum of 7 days notice, without losing your initial deposit

Any cancellations / reschedules within 7 days of appointment, will lose deposit and a 2nd deposit fee will be due if you'd like to secure a new date

Cancelling a booked date altogether also forfeits deposit


* to obtain a quote you must submit an enquiry, via my form


Looking fwd to hearing from you and your ideas

Ebany x



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